3 Things to Avoid on School Websites

3 Things to Avoid on School Websites


Downloadable School Calendars

Whilst it may be good to print off school calendars and stick them on the fridge so that you know at a glance what is happening, the truth is that changes occur so frequently a printed copy is unreliable. So many School Websites offer a downloadable calendar in PDF format but in reality interactive calendars are by far the best, allowing visitors to download calendar events into their own personal virtual calendars or diaries.

404 “Page Not Found” Errors

There is nothing more irritating than clicking on a link and getting a 404 Not Found error. Invariably this message appears due to human error by typing in the wrong url or when a page is deleted or moved but its url has not been edited correctly.  There is not much you can do to stop someone entering the wrong url, but you can take special care to update changes you have made to the School Website.

No Search Facility

In today’s hi tech society whether we are teaching, learning, shopping or just gathering information we are reliant on search.  Gone are the days of the large heavy encyclopaedias because all that wealth of information is now available in one or two clicks. We don’t even have to go out to shop for groceries or a takeaway anymore because we can order almost anything online.

It therefore makes logical sense to include a search facility on your School Website. If there isn’t one you can be certain that discerning users will look for one and when they find it isn’t available, you will spend more time on the phone!

Good navigation links are a prerequisite but you can make life so much easier for visitors by providing search boxes on your most important web pages.  If they fail to find what they need on navigation, they have the bonus of being able to easily search for it. Featured search is particularly important for smartphone users who need to find things quickly when on the move.

These are only a few things to avoid on School Websites. If you are considering changing the look and feel of your School Website or building a brand new Website, NuSchools can help. Give us a call for a chat, we would love to hear from you.