4 Reasons a Mobile Friendly Website is a Must!

4 Reasons a Mobile Friendly Website is a Must!

Mobile devices have drastically shifted the online landscape. More people than ever are browsing the web through their smart phones than their desktop computers.

So, a mobile friendly website is less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Without it, you’re frustrating visitors and driving away traffic and opportunities.

We’ve put together facts you need to considered when building a website:

1) There are more than 39 million smart phones users in the UK. A mobile friendly website for your school will allow you to capitalise on this growing demand.

2) First impressions are everything. Websites that have not been optimised for mobile viewing are slow to load and jumbled in their layout. A mobile-friendly website creates a much better experience for all parents and pupils.

3) A Mobile Friendly website will give you an advantage. With creating a mobile site you’re staying ahead of the technology curve. Parents will perceive your school as progressive, user focused and technologically advanced.

4) Mobile Friendly websites receive higher search engine rankings. A school which is both a responsive website and a standard site enjoy a distinct advantage over schools that don’t have a mobile friendly website.

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