5 Reasons For a School Website Makeover

5 Reasons For a School Website Makeover

Have you ever come across a website that seems outdated and unoriginal? How was your impression after your visit, did you get the feeling it didn’t quite come up to your expectations?

Unfortunately, just as fashion trends change and need updating, so does your website. However, some business owners and organisations do not realise the importance of having an impressive, engaging, interactive, mobile-friendly website. Long gone are the days when just having an online presence was enough. And school websites do not escape scrutiny from today’s discerning virtual visitors.

First Impressions Count

If your school website was built several years ago, the chances are it will look unprofessional by today’s standards. Websites have changed dramatically over recent years and today, users expect ease of navigation and a clean design. Most users would judge your website within the first second or two and this is why an investment in an up to date feel and look is a shrewd investment.

A school website makeover will give your School or College an advantage, with eye-catching graphics and a layout that grabs the visitor’s attention.

Up to Date Web Technology

Whichever content management system (CMS) you are using (assuming you have one), it is always important to keep it upgraded to the latest software version. This will ensure that your visitors are safe from hackers and data breach of any information. These updates will also ensure that your servers are safe from abuse, viruses and spam.

Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

A re-design of your school website can greatly affect the way you rank in SEO terms. Changes made to site construction, page and image names, content and meta tags will all have an impact in affecting the Search Engine Optimisation status of your website.

Make it Mobile Friendly

According to various statistics, around 40% of web searches are performed on mobile devices or smart phones. A website re-design can ensure that a new, optimised, responsive site is easy to navigate no matter the size of your visitor’s screen.

Add the functions for Social Media Contact

If your school website was constructed several years ago, you may not have the function to connect with users on Social Media. By incorporating sharing buttons for sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin this interaction will in turn, boost your visibility and SEO.

As specialist school web designers in Manchester, Nuschools are able to not only transform the look of your school website, but also to increase the visitor numbers by boosting SEO and making it mobile friendly.  Nuschools can produce a cost effective design that will deliver results for your Academy, College, University or School business. We would design a website that is user and mobile friendly with the capacity to easily change and add information.

Contact Nuschools via our Email, our Website or call us on 0161 639 0226 for an initial chat about Your School Website makeover.