APPs for School Websites

APPs for School Websites

Since 2015 more people have been accessing the web by a Mobile Device than a Desktop Computer.

Currently, more than 50% of your visitors are likely to already be accessing your school site via their mobile, this shows how important it is that you have a mobile friendly version of your website.Our mobile friendly versions are not just a few select pages, we re-design the whole website. Tailoring the navigation and content as well as modifying each feature for mobile viewing.The mobile versions we create simply enhance the users experience allowing your website to be accessed by all users. APPs for School Websites will allow parents to have a secure location on their phone where they can access school details and information. Allows the school to remain up to date with technology and shows a willingness to evolve to the benefit of parents and pupils.

If you’d like to learn more about Mobile Friendly Websites and Apps for Schools, Contact us or call us on 0161 639 0226 for a chat. We would love to hear from you.