Contact Pages and Directories on School Websites

Contact Pages and Directories on School Websites

A common problem with School Websites is that their most visited pages are the ones that have the least accessible information – Contact Pages and Directories.  Parents may want to contact a particular member of staff or department and are not best pleased when they are put on hold, told to call another number or simply can’t find the person they are looking for.  This is particularly true of larger schools.

Finding staff members and knowing who they are

Sometimes, if an issue is not straightforward it may be that visitors don’t know who to contact because there is insufficient information on the website as to who is responsible for what.

By far the best method of eliminating contact problems is to install a search facility so that visitors can search by criteria e.g. name, administrator, secretary, headmaster/mistress, teacher or department etc. All the information is uploaded to a directory and can include what each member of staff is responsible for. The database/directory can be edited to update information and it is so much easier for users to immediately access the information they seek.

It’s important to ensure that there is a logical order to the information supplied such as by faculty, grade, department, etc. It’s also essential that the details are current and error free.

Keep directories up to date

When the school staff directory is compiled, which is the hard work; it’s easy to edit and keep it up to date. Creating links on the relevant pages of your website enables instant access to the search facility as soon as visitors need it.

If you would like a content management system or search facility added to your existing School Website please contact us to find out whether this is possible.  Our expert web designers in Manchester will assess your website free of charge. All our new school website designs include these essential components.

Make 2016 the year you decide to modernise your website, starting with Contact pages.