Do you have an outstanding school website?

Do you have an outstanding school website?

With the advances of the internet and digital design there is no reason why schools websites should be stuck in the past. When marketing your website you need to look at these key areas and see if they are being addressed on your website:

1. Design. Is your site mobile friendly? With so many of us accessing the internet via our phones, you need to make sure your site looks the same across all devices. Its intricate that your web design matches that of your school, here you’d look at colour, font and the general message.

2. Quality Content. There is nothing worse then an out of date website. Ensure all your dates and events are correct. A blog is a great asset to your website as can showcase the pupils success.

3. Engagement with pupils and parents. This can be via a contact us form or active school social media accounts. Both of which are very handy to the modern busy parent.

4. Meeting Ofsted Requirements. The final but probably most important factor. You need to make sure you are following Ofsted guidelines.

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