Educational websites for children and parents.

Educational websites for children and parents.

It can be quite difficult to prevent children from using technology. It is incredibly important to protect them from becoming dependent on it but, you can still use it to their educational benefit. By limiting their screen time, accessing the sites with them and focusing on learning the internet can help in the development of children. We’ve put together a list of some of the best educational websites for children. Not only can these be used at home but, in the classroom as lesson starters or an activity for wet play. It is important for the internet to remain an educational tool to children.

1. National Geographic Kids – Full of games, information and photos.

2. BBC Learning – Online educational resources with lots of familiar faces from cbbc and ceebies to keep the children entertained.

3. How Stuff Works – Perfect to satisfy children’s thirst for knowledge of everything. Engaging explanation of the modern (and not so modern) world.

4. Cool Reads – Ten to fifteen years old pick and review their favourite books.

5. Oxford Owl – Designed to help children with reading and maths through fun activities and over 250 free e-books.

There are many more children’s educational websites. When building school websites we can also include a tab for educational games so that parents and pupils can easily access them from your website.