How Can My School Get More Interaction On Social Media?

How Can My School Get More Interaction On Social Media?

We all understand the struggle of becoming popular on social media, and the concerns that companies and schools have when posting anything onto the internet. Common doubts come to mind, what content can i create that people will like? How can i get more likes? How can i gain more interaction? And the list goes on.

You will be happy to hear that there is a few key points that your social media pages can benefit from.

Never post on Facebook without a photo or video to follow it up.
The reason for this is because many people need something visual to keep them engaged for a longer period of time. Sad but true.

2) Ask your followers to share the content that you post.
Doing this creates a bigger audience for your posts, it will end up on more people’s pages and seen by a bigger majority.

3) Respond to your followers on social media.
It’s always good to interact with people and let them know you’re not just a boring computer. Again the more talk you cause the more interaction gained, the more people will see.