Don’t Ignore the Importance of a School Website.

Don’t Ignore the Importance of a School Website.

Why ignore the Importance of a School Website? Prospective families are much more likely to visit your website than your school. So, its key to have a website that fairly reflects your school. You wouldn’t have a messy school or prospective so make sure your website doesn’t let you down.  The convenience of computers, tablets and smart phones are unprecedented As a result of this, the internet has become the number one source of information for your school’s prospects for future students and parents. Your site have seconds to entice your visitors interests before they leave for another site. If used to its fullest potential the website can be your most effective marketing tool. Your website is an extension of your schools values, brand and identity. Here are some key points you should ask yourself;

Is the website designed effectively?

Websites especially the homepage need to be aesthetically pleasing. An inviting gateway that draws visitors into the rest of your school’s site. Avoid using too much text on the homepage, do not want to over face your visitor.  Make all text easy to read and understand, always communicate your message with precision.

Is the website easy to navigate?

Usability, navigation and structure of your website needs to be well thought out and planned. Usability is equally as important as the design of your website. These two factors go hand in hand. It is no use having an aesthetically pleasing website which is too confusing to navigate meaning visitors get confused and frustrated. Ask yourself are the important menu items easy to find ? Does your site provide accessible links between pages ? All these considerations will give visitors a smooth ride on your site. This can be difficult to decide when your background is not in creating a website. So, Nuschools are here to provide websites with strong structures which ensure successful viewings.

Does your website have relevant content?

All the information on your website needs to be up-to-date. If visitors encounter a website with stale and outdated content it can be very damaging for your reputation. Keeping your content interesting encourages frequent visits to your site. A great way to keep guests visiting is with a weekly blog. Your blog would attract visitors with current articles about events happening at the school alongside relevant articles in the news. It can be difficult for schools to find time to keep up with a blog. Therefore, at Nuschools we have a content writer who can speak to your school every week about events/educational news and create exciting blog posts on behalf of the school.

At Nuschools we are able to help schools maintain all these key points because we understand the importance of a School Website. If your interested in talking to us about improving your school’s website, just go to the contact tab. We’d love to hear from you.