4 Ways to Improve Your School Website over the Christmas Holidays.

4 Ways to Improve Your School Website over the Christmas Holidays.

We understand the Christmas school holidays are busy for everyone and are a well needed rest after the end of term. However, why not mull over (with some mulled wine perhaps?) these four points that would improve your school website and reputation.

  1. Register profiles for different social media platforms. This adds depth to your website. It also offers different choices of communication for parents and pupils.
  2. Start a blog. More schools are becoming intrigued by the idea of a blog. It is a simple way to document what is happening at the school and announce pupil achievements.
  3. Update your content. There is nothing worse than a tired website with incorrect content and dated images. New Year is a great excuse to refresh the content and images. Perhaps even look into planning a re-design if you think your website is lagging behind your school.
  4. Get Responsive. It is vital for websites to be responsive. More people than ever are accessing the internet via tablets and smartphones. You want the quality of your website to be the best on all devices.

If reading this blog post and eating chocolate is as involved in the school website as you want to get this Christmas or you think the current school website’s design or CMS prevents you from doing the things mentioned above – then get in touch with Nuschools so that we can help to improve your School Website.