The Requirements for an Informative Academy Website

The Requirements for an Informative Academy Website

The recent announcement of the prospect of all schools in England to become Academies will represent the largest overhaul for decades of the country’s education system. An Academy is an independent, state-funded school that will receive its funding directly from central government, as opposed to the local authority with the ability to control its admissions and innovative processes.

The UK government has laid down legal responsibilities and requirements for reporting, information and inspection processes and as such, it is necessary for each school to have a well-designed and effective Academy website in order to fulfil statutory duties.

Academy website requirements

The Academy or School is required to understand the need to provide quality content within a comprehensible framework that forms the basis of the website. In addition, useful photographic material is imperative to communicate a sense of the curriculum and school relationships with the community, in addition to the culture that is prevalent within the Academy. It is necessary that the Academy considers the audience who will view the website, to guarantee that the language is delivered correctly to students, carers, parents and the whole community.

Academy website content

The Government has published reports and legal papers that document the requirements that each School or Academy needs to produce on its website. These are not limited to, but could include the following:

  • School contact details
  • Admission arrangements
  • Ofsted reports
  • Exam and assessment results
  • Performance tables
  • Curriculum
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Pupil premium funding
  • Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch up premium
  • PE and sport premium for primary schools
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) report
  • Governor’s information and duties
  • Charging and Remissions policies
  • The School’s Values and Ethos

Whilst the website is very visible evidence of the school, failing to publish the required information delivers a bad impression, which could finally lead to censure from Ofsted. With so many other things to do, including running the Academy efficiently, it can be difficult for website administrators to ensure that their Websites are compliant. It is also not unreasonable to suggest that if your Academy website does not meet with current legislation, it raises questions about the governance and management of your educational establishment.

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