Why Interactive Websites are Important for Schools

Why Interactive Websites are Important for Schools

School websites are challenging the traditional methods of communications for schools. Technology has allowed us to use the web as a social platform. A website is no longer just where you get information, it is now a social experience as well. Therefore, this has changed our expectations as users and we expect Interactive Websites as normal.

What does this mean for schools?

Well, as they have traditionally had controlled over how information is consumed, i.e a letter sent home or announcement in assembly. Students and parents now expect to get hold of the information in the way they prefer. This could be facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube, a blog etc. Of course, this can be overwhelming for staff at an ever busy school. Therefore interactive websites can be the perfect solution because they are designed to contain all these channels into one central hub – your school website. By having all these platforms in one place it is much easier to control. It also makes the school look professional and organised.

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