Marketing your school in the digital age.

Marketing your school in the digital age.

If we go back only five years, the prospectus or brochure were schools main marketing piece. Some would venture into including a DVD to accompany. This would be backed up with carefully placed local advertising and a basic website. At the time this was a sufficient and successful marketing strategy.

However, times change. The digital age was born and schools had to quickly adapt to moving at the pace of digital marketers. A development of technology has altered the way in which parents, pupils and those associated with schools research and subsequently engage with a school.

When potentials parents and pupils reach your website, you have three minutes to make that al important first impression. The website needs to be responsive (mobile friendly), up to date, engaging and easy to navigate. A visitor might return to a website various time to get sufficient information and compare to other schools. Many will read the content, view the pictures and search for the school on social media sites.

The customers journey for schools is varied and can come across any combination of available communication channels; website, blog, social media, online newsletter. Therefore, it can be intimidating for schools to create a strategy that includes all of the above and to maintain it. This is where Nuschools can help you every step of the day. As specialists we can create and implement a relevant unique marketing strategy for your school.