Ofsted will look at a school’s website before meeting in person, so having a school website that meets expectations, or even exceeds them is becoming increasingly important. Nuschools focuses on creating a high quality website for your school to present information to parents and other stakeholders.

Publishing a prospectus or a curriculum policy is no longer required, but instead schools must make key information publicly available on the internet – most commonly through a dedicated website. It is advised by the Department for Education that a school website includes:

  • Pupil Premium allocation, use and impact on attainment
  • Curriculum provision, content and approach by academic year and by subject
  • Admission arrangements
  • The school’s policies in relation to behaviour, charging and SEN/disability provisions
  • Links to Ofsted reports and performance data
  • Details of the school’s latest Key Stage 2 and 4 attainment and progress measures

Every school is required to have an up-to-date website which covers the above points. Schools no longer need to produce individual prospectuses, however each local authority still has a responsibility to produce a composite prospectus (containing information about every school) each year. Support must be provided to parents who are going through the admissions process which includes making information easily available, and a school website is ideal to make this possible to achieve.