Reasons to have a new website by Nuschools.

Reasons to have a new website by Nuschools.

Investing in a new school website can seem like a chore. You probably think your current website ‘is good enough for the moment’. We look at some of the problems you may face by not updating your site.

1. While you stand still, other schools are moving forward. Being one step behind never looks professional.

2. If your website is not mobile friendly, you automatically lose out on many smartphone users and possible visitors to your site.

3. A fresh and professional looking site will rightly convey the schools success. It also shows you are a confident school with lots of achievements to display.

4. SEO of the site during a redesign is often one of the reasons for the update and is really helpful in getting your site back up where it should be on the Search Engines.

5. A new design allows you to refocus your website. Perhaps the school ethos has changed slightly? Throughout the process we work closely with the school to ensure the website whole heartily represents their character and morals.

6. A new website allows you to introduce social networks, media campaigns and print advertisements.

We are dedicated to making web design for schools an easy and rewarding process. We simply create websites that showcase confident, vibrant and professional schools. Why not contact us today and see how we can help you with your new school website design. Contact us via the contact tab,  Twitter search @Nuschools or call 0161 639 0225.