Does your School Branding Project the Right Image?

Does your School Branding Project the Right Image?

In Britain today, private school branding and recognition of the brand for academic excellence has never been more important.  Whilst this applies to all educational establishments it is particularly important for private schools wishing to attract students from abroad.

For many years British private schools were “the global brand” with foreign students flocking to our shores to get the best education money could afford. However in recent years their numbers began to diminish. This was partly due to the Home Office tightening up on visas and the length of time students can be employed in the UK after graduation.  Whereas previously they could work for a maximum of 2 years they now have to find work, paying a minimum of £20,600 per annum, within 4 months of graduation if they wish to remain in the UK. This has inevitably led to students seeking alternative destinations such as the USA and Australia where the entry criteria is less stringent.

Foreign students increased in 2015

The Home Office altered the rules in an attempt to combat fake schools that set up to offer 2 year work visas with little or no education in the package.  These two things combined harmed “the global brand” considerably. Nevertheless, in 2015 there was an upturn with more students coming from Russia, China, Spain and Germany.

More than 1,200 UK independent schools are now competing for their share of foreign students, whose parents are wealthy enough to pay for educational excellence, delivered in resplendent facilities. School branding is now a very important tool for private schools.  Just like any other business, in competition with others offering similar services, if you don’t take care of your brand, its recognition and promotion you run the risk of losing your market share.

How inspiring is your school branding?

Your school brand is a reflection of who you are, what you do and how well you do it.  Instantly recognisable on your website, school uniforms, stationery and literature it should be synonymous with the highest quality teaching available.  Your brand needs to be so inspiring that every parent wants their child to be enrolled in your school, and not those of your competitors.

Professional educators are not usually qualified marketers but even if they are, finding the time to promote school branding is difficult, if not impossible. Often it is delegated to an office clerk or secretary who is already struggling under the weight of administration.

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