Twitter for schools made easy!

Twitter for schools made easy!

Schools are joining Twitter at a rapid rate. However, many schools fail to make an impact on the platform. This can often be due to a lack of knowledge and strategy. Numagoo has put together five tips that can significantly improve your school’s twitter performance.

  • Have a plan.

It is vital to your success to have a plan on twitter. What are you going to tweet about and when are you going to tweet? There is nothing worse then seeing a dated and deserted brand on a social platform. Where you have set up a twitter account but little progress has been made.

  • Keep to your plan.

Make sure your plan is realistic. Have your expectations to reflect the time you can dedicate to twitter.

  • Be authentic.

Twitter is great because you are on a human level with your followers. Showcase what makes your school different, tell news of whats happening in the school. Uploading images is always popular with followers.

  • Engage

Don’t be worried to communicate with others. Without two -way communication you lose the social element of social media. One way communication is simply advertising.

  • Measure

It is important to measure your social activity. How many re-tweets do you receive per tweet. How many tweets are self promotional?

Here at Numagoo we understand many schools would struggle to find the time to attain their social media platforms. Therefore, we offer a package where we will weekly update your social media. We work alongside you to know what to tweet, re-tweet while getting you a steady increase of followers and likes.  If you would like to chat to us about social media management contact us via the contact tab, twitter (@nuschools) or call 0161 639 0226.