School Website Advantages for New Academies

School Website Advantages for New Academies

As most educators know, it is the Prime Minister’s wish that all schools in England will become academies.  At Nuschools we are interested in this since we have considerable experience in the design and development of school websites, as well as in depth knowledge of school website advantages. However, for those who don’t know much about Academies here is some useful information.

What is the difference between a state school and an Academy?

State schools are currently funded by local councils whereas Academies are funded by central government. An Academy is an independent school managed by a headmaster or headmistress but monitored by a charitable academy trust or chain that also acts in an advisory capacity. Ofsted will still be the regulatory body.

Academies can be more innovative than state schools and choose how many pupils will be admitted.

Both primary and secondary schools will become academies if the new legislation is passed.

Why does the government want all schools to become Academies?

By giving head teachers more control over salaries, school hours and term times it is the government’s contention that standards will improve.

Academies have more flexibility and do not have to follow the national curriculum.

School website advantages

It remains to be seen whether legislation will be passed for the conversion to Academies of all schools in England (the law will not apply to Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales) and the way they would be funded has not yet been defined. However, one thing we do know from our work with schools and academies is that school website advantages should not be overlooked.

Effectively all Academies will want to present the best image possible and interactive, mobile friendly, school websites provide the best means of marketing, brand recognition and communication in the educational world today.  The first impression parents have of a school is usually from a visit to its website, so we make sure that you don’t need a second chance to make it.

Our school websites are built in WordPress because it’s the simplest platform for most people to master, even those who have never managed a website before.  If you allow your students to contribute to a blog or application they too will find it very easy to use.  We also provide training in how to edit, add content to and upload pages.

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