Schools and social media – tweetucation.

Schools and social media – tweetucation.

Using social media in schools does not have to be a daunting prospect. There are many uses for social media in education, here are some ways they can be effectively used.

 Facebook –  Schools can use Facebook as a ‘broadcast’ account. Teachers can be wary of being on Facebook however, the school would have a generic school account. Which creates distance between the personal lives of pupils and teachers. Facebook can be a one-way communication from the school to parents – sort of like an information portal. It is a quick, easy and cheap way to communicate to parents. With most parents having Facebook accounts they can quickly be informed on any changes to the school day.

Twitter  – Like Facebook schools can use Twitter as a broadcast account. You can link an RRS feed from the schools website. This will automatically tweet news articles when they are published on the website. Teachers can tweet information related to classes – homework checks or interesting articles or televisions programmes pupils should read/watch.

Pinterest – Pinterest is becoming a popular as a virtual pin board. Students and teachers can share web resources that they find interesting and relevant. It helps pupils become more active within their classes as they would want to add to the schools Pinterest board.

Understandably many schools shy away from the use of social media in education. However, if you have experts in your school they can provide a safe and secure framework for its use.  Here at Numagoo we are able to monitor and develops schools social media. We would work alongside the teachers to keep all information current. Also by Numagoo running the schools social media it creates that extra distance from pupil and teachers personal life.

If you are interested in hearing more about using social media please contact us using the contact tab.