Mobile Friendly Website Design for Schools

Whether a consumer is searching for a new school, theatre tickets, the latest fashion brands, a website makeover or anything else it’s likely, according to a number of recent studies, that at least 40% of them will do it from their mobile devices. Compare this to how many companies and organisations have optimised their websites for mobile (around 37%) and it’s clear that many are losing out on a huge amount of traffic.

Google Search Results            

More particularly since April last year Google began to favour a Mobile Friendly Website Design over a non-mobile optimised website.  The significance of this for educational institutions is that responsive school websites will be found higher in search results than those that are not. Test your website is via this Google Mobile Friendly Test.

The above information tells us how important it is to have mobile friendly school websites in the education sector. When you consider your own web surfing behaviour you already know. Every day you, your colleagues, your governors, your parents and even possibly your students use smart phones and tablets to do everything from check e-mails, buy the weekly shopping to finding the phone number for a local restaurant that you want to book for Saturday night. This behaviour is here to stay and organisations need to have a mobile offering that ensures their website looks fantastic on the broad spectrum of mobile devices, not only for people visiting your school website but also to help you rank well in the search engines.

Specialist School Website Designers

Working with e-commerce clients who turn over £5 million a year has taught us to believe in mobile friendly website design and the value it can add to the user experience. As specialist, professional school website designers, we have gone out of our way to make it an integral part to each of the packages that we offer.

Work with us and your audience will find visiting your school website, whether via desktop, smartphone or tablet, a seamless and rewarding experience with ease of navigation, social interaction and much more.