Multimedia and Video hosted on a website is a brilliant and powerful way to tell a story and communicate important messages. Executed correctly a video will resonate and move the viewer and even encourage them to act.

We view video as a valuable tool that schools can use to connect to new and existing children and their parents and the local community.

Over the years we have built up successful relationships with a number of production companies who are based in Manchester and produce only videos for ourselves and clients such as the BBC, Channel 4 and charitable organisations.

We think that every school has an amazing story to tell and with the right storyboarding, direction and editing, we can help capture the day to day excitement of a day at school, document the fantastic work your teachers do work and highlight the importance of your school’s relationship with the local community.

If your school is interested in finding out more about the video production services we offer get in touch and we’ll provide an overview of how the service works and send you examples of the type of material we could create for you.