Should my school have a blog?

Should my school have a blog?

Having a blog tab on school websites has become very popular in 2013. However, there are still a lot of schools yet to join in. We’re going to explain the benefits of blogging and how it could be right for your school.

Blogging can benefit the schools wider community by attracting new prospects to a great up to date school. It helps and entertains current pupils and increases their social capital with valuable and shareable content. User will share blog posts that they find interesting and this will increase the schools visibility on social media. The blog is giving content back to the community and keeping interest and excitement at the school.

Blogging is primarily social. It can act as a perfect catalyst for discussion, whether it be positive or negative. It is important to remember social has given us an incredible way of turning negative press into a positive outcome. Blogs can help you capture your brand the way you want to be perceived, and gain exposure for your school.

Quality content is loved by search engines and can heavily influence your search rankings, also known as SEO. A good blog will help Google realise your website is different and will offer your users a better experience.

At Nuschools we think school blogs add depth and personality to the website. The blog posts can simply be advertising the Christmas Choir Concert or the current charity raffle with a picture of the winner. It creates a sense of community and perhaps most importantly it is a great way to show off all the productive brilliant events happening in the school.

We can create your schools blog. You would simply notify us of events and achievements at the school and we’d turn them into vibrant informative blog posts.