School’s logo and branding

School’s logo and branding

Pupils and staff want to be proud of their school and its unique identity. A schools logo is the starting point for its brand, it needs to clearly reflect the schools motif and values. Whether the school is traditional, religious, modern, arts based, academy all these different types can be captured in a well thought out brand and logo. At Numagoo we consult with the school in the fullest brief so that the widest range of ideas and themes can be considered to create the perfect brand. Many schools have realised the importance of a strong and consistent brand which not only communicates with their schools morals but also makes it different and unique. Our team is experienced with working alongside schools, we have gained an understanding of what school brands need in order to reflect the school and be successful.  When the school is happy with the brand we are able to provide any of the following;

  • brochures, flyers, promotional banners and print materials
  • indoor and outdoor signage
  • marketing campaigns including print, radio and online display advertising, and e-mail campaigns
  • video production
  • website
  • social media

If you think its time for your school to have a brand make over contact us via the contact tab. We’d love to chat to you.