Tips to make your school eco friendly

Tips to make your school eco friendly

In the current climate it is important to make schools more eco friendly. This can be from the building, its food and its waste. Changes of schools attitudes to conserving energy helps raise the important issue to pupils. It is vital pupils see being actively eco-friendly as the norm. Here are some top tips to ensure your school is being eco – friendly.


Simple changes to your schools lighting system can greatly reduce energy consumption. Switch lights to compact fluorescent light bulbs. They are three to four times more efficient than standard incandescent lamps. To be even more useful,  motion sensors and timers ensure that lights are not wasting energy when there is no one in the room.

School meals

Instead of using styrofoam cups, plates and plastic equipment. Biodegradable varieties are widely available today and they can be reused.  Think about your school getting recycling bins in the dining hall. Find out whether your school could turn their food waste into compost instead of just putting it in the bin.


Schools waste large amounts of paper. To stop this prevent printing one-sided and encourage recycling. You can make recycling fun by starting a recycling fund-raising activities such as : recycling ink cartridges and mobile phones.

Getting to school

Encourage pupils to get public transport or walk to school. If a lot of children live in the same area, they could try car sharing with a different parent dropping them off at school each day. Many schools take part in the cycling to school months. This is not only great for the environment but a way of getting some exercise.

Being green is not something pupils just do at school. However, school is a good place to start. Adapting these tips to your school not only helps with the environment but pupils attitudes to the environment.