What 2014 has in store for school marketers.

What 2014 has in store for school marketers.

Going back only 4 or 5 years ago, marketing was still very much in its infancy across the majority of schools. Often with teachers maintaining the schools marketing system in their spare time. Due to choice, understanding, expectation and the number of communication channels that prospective parents and pupils use has grown, so too has the need for school marketing.

2014 is all about maintaining a high standard. We all now understand the importance of marketing a school. Yet now with a digital landscape that is so fast paced schools have to keep up.

It is a daunting task to market these multi-faceted organisations across the many different audiences (parents, pupils, Oftsed, local authority) and a growing list of digital channels (Facebook, Twitter etc)

The success of school marketing is based on time management. A careful selection of the right digital channels for the school, the audience and the purpose.

In understanding this vast task many schools decide the role is simply yo broad to achieve success in all areas. Some will therefore compromise on what they can achieve, others with look for help from external agencies.

As the landscape for school marketing develops, so do Nuschools services. We don’t just create school websites, we help schools develop their own digital marketing strategy and support them to maintain a high standard. We create goals and targets unique to each school. If you are a head teacher thinking your marketing team needs more support or a marketer lost amongst workloads and lacking a strategy, why not get in touch with Nuschools and learn more about how we can help.