What makes a good school website.

What makes a good school website.

When helping a school create a new website, we  focus on the following tips to ensure the website will be a success.

Strong and well structured layout – School websites are large and dynamic with a lot of content. It is very important that the website remains looking good when the content is uploaded. Using a strong structured layout keeps it looking clean and clear. We also only use responsive web design so the website looks the same on whichever device the visitor is accessing the website on, from pc to tablet.

Audience Groups – School websites attract an array of different audience groups, from prospective pupils and parents, current pupils and parents, staff, local authority, alumni and outsiders. So, it is important to create a user journey that reflects and welcomes these different groups.

Easy Management of the website – With so much content its vital the website is easy and quick. We also design websites where the visitor will easily be able to access the information they are seeking out.

Relevant News and Events – Having a news and events section creates a depth to the website and thus the school. Best way to keep the news and events looking interesting we recommend a blog tab which can be weekly updated with school news.

Strong use of imagery and video content – Visitors to school websites greatly appreciate visuals of what is happening at the school. Not only does it give a backdrop to the content but also shows off all the activities and learning happening at the school.

We create our school websites with all these tips as necessities to ensure we create successful vibrant websites that rightly reflect the school.