What Makes a Successful School Website?

What Makes a Successful School Website?

Every School website is different to reflect their independent mottos and identity. A lot of schools struggle with deciding on what makes up a successful School website. Here are tips to ensure your website remains effective;

  1. Great Design. The design positions the school. A clear interface helps parents use the site.
  2. Good, targeted content. Well written is a must when advertising schools. Schools can benefit from a blog tab when they can regularly report school activities and news. This creates a buzz around the school and parents visiting the website feel included.
  3. Regularly Updated. Recent events and announcements, school calendar and images. Embarrassing for a school to have images from five years ago.
  4. Have a Favicon. When you visit the BBC website, you get a small BBC image in your browser tab. Why not do the same with your school logo? It’s very easy to do, but brands your window and this will help you get saved alongside bookmarks.
  5. Personalise. Social media offer extra opportunities to reinforce the school brand and build relationships.

It can be difficult for schools to find the time and staff to maintain their website. Therefore, here at Nuschools we work alongside schools to create the perfect website. We then monitor the website and social media keeping them up to date. If you would like to get the most out of your website contact us via the contact tab or on twitter @nuschools.